Kris Collee

The predictions all look grim. Demand for services is increasing dramatically, and we are burning through our funding faster than expected. For a service nonprofit like us, that means we could be forced to turn away people who need food, who need transportation, who need US!

Imagine having to tell you grandmother at the family potluck: “Sorry, Gram, there’s nothing left for you!” Inconceivable! [To quote The Princess Bride!]

Together, with the leadership of our Board of Directors and our community partner agencies, we’re doing what we can to head off the coming perfect storm as we move through this fiscal year.

We need assessors to determine which seniors need home-delivered meals, more commonly known as Meals on Wheels. We’re actively recruiting volunteers to help break up the long delivery routes to ensure food is safely transported within the timeframe allowed.

We’re applying for grants and additional funding to build additional freezer space so we can better prepare for the increased demand, but the funding sources simply aren’t there in many cases.

We’ve expanded the hours at Tanglewood Park, offering evening exercise classes and opening early to give more access to the exercise equipment.

And, we’re asking you to help. For the first time, we’ve enclosed a donation envelope in this newsletter. For those of you who answered our call to reduce the cost of printing and mailing this publication, here’s a link where you can make a gift. Could you spare a couple hours every week to help deliver meals or transport a senior to a medical appointment? The gift of your time is just as valuable as a cash donation!

One of the most fun ways you can support seniors is by attending the upcoming 8th Heels for Meals & More on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Trillium Event Center in Spring Lake. This fast-paced, exciting fundraiser is a wonderful way to learn more about AgeWell Services and all we do for seniors in our community. Please bring a friend! Tickets are available on our website at

I can’t wait to see you there!

Kris Collee
Executive Director

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