Fitness Programming

One of the main ways the Wellness Center works to redefine aging is through our fitness programming. We offer many different exercise classes, meeting the needs of all participants, no matter the fitness or mobility level. We also have a fitness room stocked with a variety of exercise equipment available for use.

Drop Ins are available for all Exercise Classes and for the Fitness Room.

Exercise Classes Cost:

  • Drop-in – $6 per class
  • Unlimited classes – $80 per month

Fitness Room Cost:

  • $3 per visit *Free with accepted insurances. Click Here for more information.

Fitness Day Pass:

  • $12 per day for unlimited classes and fitness room use

**The AgeWell Wellness Center will be closed on February 19, 2024 for President’s Day. **

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Exercise Class Schedule

Exercise Class Descriptions

Beginner Level Classes

Stretch & More: This class will focus on a combination of relaxation techniques and stretching exercises. You will work at your own pace to increase flexibility and reduce levels of pain and stiffness. Class can be done standing or sitting in a chair.
Seated Cardio Drum: This class starts with a stretch, continue into drumming moving the body and having fun. This is a seated class and just plain fun. Great for people with walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. All are welcome!

Easy Level Classes

Mobility & More: This class will focus on joint mobility such as shoulders, hips and knees with total body mobility to help your entire body move easily to get you through the day. Combining joint exercises, strength training and stretch movements to help the lower body stay well footed and bring awareness on how the body moves.
Move To The Beat In A Chair: This class includes exercises that are easy and fun and you do not even need to leave your seat. Seated dancing will include salsa, cumbia, disco, etc.
Sit & Fit Balance: A seated, low-impact cardio and strength training class. This is a great class for those wanting to improve balance, mobility and cardio strength while limiting the amount of side-to-side and up/down movement.

Moderate Level Classes

Active Senior Intermix Cardio & Strength: Combination of low and moderate moves mixed with strength training with hand weights or resistance tubes, ending with leg weights and abs. Big ball will be used in this class. Nice cool down at end.
Cardio Circuit: This class utilizes challenging bursts of cardio with 30 seconds of difference muscular conditioning with weights. Resistance bands may also be incorporated.
Cardio Drumming: Get your heart rate up with this fun and energetic drumming class. We will focus on legs and shoulders, and might sneak in a little bit of dancing!
Cardio Drums Alive: In this class you will enjoy drums, cardio, and hand weights to help keep you strong. It is three classes in one: Silver Fun & Fit, Zumba Gold, and Cardio Drums.
Gentle Yoga: This class is slower pace with less intense positions. Also includes yogi breath work, meditation & relaxation.
Lower Body & Core Strength: This lower body and core strength workout includes a variety of exercises targeting the glutes, hips, thighs, abs, and back. This class can be done seated or standing.
Move & Groove: Dance to the beats to salsa, bachata, and other known songs while grooving that body.
Upper Body & Core Strength: This upper body and core strength workout includes a variety of exercises targeting the chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and abs. This class can be done seated or standing.
Yoga for Seniors: In this class you will work on relaxation, strength, balance and flexibility techniques with emphasis on proper body alignment and improved breathing. This class includes floor work.
Zumba: This class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create an enjoyable cardiovascular workout. This class burns about 800 calories per hour while engaging the core, upper and lower body. (Music is loud!)

Challenging Level Classes

30 min Spin Class + Arms: Spin for 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of arm exercises.
45 min Spin/Core: 45 minutes of spinning and core. This class allows you to participate at your own pace, but will challenge you.
Ayurvedic Yoga: This class will use breathing, physical movements, meditation and relaxation techniques along with other Ayurvedic knowledge designed to create and maintain a state of physical, mental and spiritual health.
Dumbbells & Weights: In this class you will challenge both muscular strength and muscular endurance by incorporating dumbbells (hand weights) and weights (with a bar) designed to work the major muscle groups.
Energy Booster Spin: Keeping the pace you will alternate between sprinting and climbing while on the bike all while listening to fast pace music.
Spin Class: This class allows you to participate at your own pace, but will challenge you.