Rows of colorful fruits and vegetables lining the pathways. Green and yellow squash. Red tomatoes in every size. Fragrant green and red peppers. Blueberries, cherries, and apples. The farmer’s market can be a wonderful experience and it has many benefits for patrons.

Eat Local at the Farmer’s Market

Local farmers sell their produce at area farmer’s markets. This decreases the distance food is transported or “food miles.” Eating locally grown produce helps support local farmers, keeping money in the community as well as reducing fossil fuel consumption needed to transport the food.

Eat Seasonally at the Farmer’s Market

Produce that is in season tastes better and costs less. The farmer’s market is a great place to find fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Eat Fresh at the Farmer’s Market

Food at the farmer’s market has often been picked the day before or earlier that day and is at its peak freshness. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious. They are richer in vitamins. Produce that hasn’t sat around in storage facilities also tastes better.

Trip to the Market

Want to join AgeWell Services Senior Center Activities at the Muskegon Farmer’s Market? We’ll provide a boxed lunch and you’ll have time to walk around the market and shop. Suggested $5 donation. To register, please call Renee at 231-733-8641. Spots are limited.

  • Tuesday, August 8 – leaving from Holton United Methodist Church at 10 am with stops at Egelcraft Mobile Home Park and Jefferson Towers; return is at 1 pm.
  • Thursday, August 10 – leaving from Orchard View Community Education Center at 10 am with a stop at Pine Grove Manor; return is at 1 pm.

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