A recent Harvard University study showed a strong link between regular physical activity and feeling a greater sense of purpose in life. This focus can help with longevity and a lower risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Happiness

Regular exercise makes you happier. Studies have shown a consistent connection between happiness and physical activity. Physical activity releases chemicals in the brain that relieve anxiety and depression and make you happier almost instantly. This happens with all types of activity, no matter the level of difficulty. As little as 10 minutes may boost happiness.

2. Connection

Exercising regularly helps you bond with others. Research shows that physical activity actually primes our brains for socialization and makes us more likely to trust others. Exercising with someone creates a different kind of connection. Whether it’s an exercise class at the Wellness Center or just walking with a friend.

3. Accomplishment

Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment. Whether you finish a 45-minute spin class, a line dancing class, or your 25th Zumba class, it shifts your mindset to ‘I can do this’. After physical activity, we feel more powerful and capable of taking on other challenges in life.

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