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AgeWell AdvantAge Newsletter

The Wellness newsletter, the AdvantAge, is a bimonthly publication that contains information about what activities, services and programs the Wellness Program is offering.   Click Here to view AdvantAge Newsletters.

Behind the Wheel Donor Newsletter

The Behind the Wheel Donor Newsletter is now available via email quarterly by AgeWell Services. Information in the newsletter includes a letter from our Director, a “More Than a Meal” success story, a donor spotlight, our wish list and updates on our wish list. Sign up and click “Donations, matching gifts, and ‘Behind the Wheel’ donor newsletter” to receive the latest news and information.

AgeWell E-Newsletter

Another way for our members and donors to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to our weekly Enewsletter. Here is a sample of the newsletter to browse.We respect your privacy and do not share our mailing list with third parties. The sign up form is available below.

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AgeWell Annual Report

The Annual Report is published yearly by AgeWell Services. Information in the report includes a letter from our Director, a list of programs and services, a timeline of events throughout the year, success stories and a financial report.

Financial Report

Financial Statements and single audit