Zeke Johnson, a volunteer driver for the Senior Medical Transportation Program, was honored as an “Everyday Hero” at the 2023 United Way of the Lakeshore Heroes Celebration on May 4.

He was among more than 40 volunteers at community organizations nominated for the award. Zeke, who attended the evening event with his wife Theresa, wore his medal proudly and stood with the other honorees to be recognized.

The program provides free door-to-door rides for low-income Muskegon County residents to non-emergency medical appointments. These may include life-saving dialysis or chemotherapy treatments. Zeke has been driving participants for over 10 years, starting when the program was a part of the American Red Cross.

“I just enjoy doing it,” he said.

Zeke was a steadying force during the uncertainty of the pandemic and shutdown in early 2020, Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Squires said, outlining why she nominated him for the award.

Zeke shrugs off her praise: “I just drove whenever they needed me.”

Kathy Daly, STP Senior Manager, says Zeke always has a humorous quip or a funny turn of phrase. “He puts a smile on many faces,” she explained, “and that’s good medicine for the people we serve.”

Zeke Johnson

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