We all face our own challenges. For some, cooking may be difficult. While some people may need a program like Meals on Wheels to help them get the nutrition they need, others may just need to make some adjustments to make cooking easier and safer in your home.

There are many helpful ideas to make cooking both easier and safer in your home.  Here is a list:

  • Color code measuring cups or measuring spoons so you don’t have to read the fine print.  Different colored tape works great!
  • Get mixing bowls with rubber bottoms like the Oxo Good Grips Mixing Bowls.  No slipping & spilling on your countertops!
  • Pot lids with colander holes in the lid are available.  Instead of draining pasta into a colander, just hold the lid down and water can pour out the holes in the lid.
  • Use a pizza cutter for one-handed cutting.  Instead of using a fork and knife to cut food, simply roll the pizza cutter over it.  Great for people with good use or control of only one arm or hand.
  • Disposable thermometer sticks are available at grocery stores.  These turn a bright color when the food is done.  It’s much easier to see than the regular thermometer dials.
  • Magnifying glasses are handy to read recipes.  To keep a recipe handy, put the recipe between fork tines and then prop up the fork in a glass.  No more searching for the recipe while cooking!
  • Mesh shelf liner is great for opening jars.  It gives you a good, non-slip start.
  • Buy spring loaded scissors so you don’t have to open & close them.  Just press to close and they spring back into position as you cut.  This is great for people with arthritis in their hands.
  • Pilot or gun lighters work great for lighting candles or pilot lights.  You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers!  It’s simple to just click and point.

Still need more assistance?

Meals on Wheels can deliver a hot meal to your door Monday to Friday and frozen meals for weekends or as a second meal. Participants can select options from a sandwich or salad menu if they prefer. Meals on Wheels also delivers nutritionals supplements if prescribed by your doctor. The first step is to call (231)755-0434 or 1-800-442-6769. You will speak to an intake team member who will do a simple phone assessment to determine eligibility. To be eligible for Meals on Wheels provided by AgeWell Services, you’ll need to be 60 or over, homebound, and living in Oceana, Ottawa, or Muskegon counties. If you live outside of these counties, visit Meals on Wheels America to find an organization that delivers to your area.

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