Ever-changing needs means we need to be ever changing how we try to meet those needs. Learning to shift and adapt is challenging for anyone. Shifting an entire team’s approach seems to be even more difficult. Time and time again, I have seen our team continue to rise to every challenge presented and shift in new ways every time. Focusing on the future helps us to rise. Our continued focus on the future is one of the reasons our organization has been able to continue to provide services for 50 years!

With this look toward the future, we have undergone strategic planning. The team is now implementing the steps our strategic planning committee (made up of Leadership Team Members as well as Board Members working with an outside consultant) came up with during the process. These steps, along with all of what we had started prior to our strategic planning committee, are an exciting part of us moving toward an even brighter time ahead.

I would like to talk a little today about my part in this team as Volunteer Coordinator. The future of our volunteer program is something I take great pride in being even just a small part. Our team has been taking on the process of implementing VolunteerHub for all of our volunteers and interns. We currently use VolunteerHub for all of our volunteer application processes. We have only just begun to use all of the features available on this platform. It will be used to check in and out of volunteering. Reporting and recruiting will both be much easier and efficient with this system.

**If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering, please go to http://agewellservices.volunteerhub.com/ and create an account. If you do not have access to the internet or have any questions, please call Jessica at 231-559-0476.**

While the specifics still need to be worked on, I still want to share with you some of our plans for our volunteer program. One of the tasks I have been granted is starting an internship program for the whole of AgeWell Services. This is definitely one of my personal passions. I absolutely LOVE getting younger generations involved with our organization and mission. I wish that I had known at a younger age about what our community needed. I had no idea what the needs were until I witnessed it for myself. I feel if we open enough eyes to what is needed, the better our chances are to enact real, meaningful change.

Our volunteer needs are yet another thing that is ever-changing. With “snow birds” leaving south for the winter soon, we tend to have a few extra openings to fill. Our Senior Transportation Program transports seniors in need to and from their non-emergency medical appointments. This position uses our vehicles and our gas for transport. Meals on Wheels has a couple of openings also. There are a couple of people needed for Thursdays out of our Tanglewood Park location on Seminole Rd. as well as a possible fill-in driver for this area. The Grand Haven area could also use a driver or two. This position uses your own vehicle for transporting meals to home-bound seniors. Mileage reimbursement available. We sometimes have office positions, Café help, and cleaning positions that are open. Please contact Jessica for any questions 231-559-0476. http://agewellservices.volunteerhub.com/ is where you can create your account so background checks can be performed prior to starting in any of these positions.

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