The annual Heels for Meals & More fundraising event with 250+ expected attendees is a great way to build brand recognition and reach a potentially wider audience base. Sponsorships range between $300 to $3,500, with varying benefits and recognition. And guess what?! There’s still time to learn more about and maybe even purchase sponsorships!

In addition to enjoying a festive event that is sure to know your socks and shoes off, you’ll also enjoy a range of benefits and recognition as a sponsor. Depending on the sponsorship level, benefits and recognition include – 

  • Complimentary tickets. Every sponsorship includes a certain number of complimentary tickets. A $300 sponsorship provides two complimentary tickets; a $2,500 sponsorship includes eight complimentary tickets.
  • Complimentary signature drink glasses. Every sponsorship also includes a certain number of complimentary signature drink glasses. These are works of art and personally hand crafted. The number of signature drink glasses matches the number of tickets (i.e. eight tickets and eight signature drink glasses).
  • Organization name or logo and printed and digital materials. Every sponsorship includes digital and printed brand recognition. For sponsorships between $300 and $1,500, organization name is included; for sponsorships between $2,000 and $3,500, organization logo is included. A current digital example of brand recognition is sponsor names and logos on our online auction site.
  • Sponsor signage at table. The $2,500 and $3,500 sponsorship provide sponsor signage at your table of eight.
  • Organization highlighted during program. The $2,500 sponsorship includes organization acknowledgement and highlight during the Heels for Meals & More program.
  • Opportunity to speak during program. The $3,500 sponsorship includes a unique opportunity to speak during the Heels for Meals & More program. If you’d prefer not to speak, your organization would be highlighted and acknowledged the same as the $2,500 sponsorship level.

Important note! Sponsorships with commitment for recognition on all printed items are available through Friday, March 17. Sponsorships secured after March 18 aren’t guaranteed recognition on all printed items, but will still be recognized in various platforms. So don’t wait!

And if sponsorships aren’t feasible, tickets are available for purchase and we’re still looking for in-kind items for our auctions. To learn more about Heels for Meals & More, including sponsorships, ticket sales and in-kind donations, visit

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