Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Beginner Level Classes

Seated Hatha Yoga 1: In this class you will be guided through a safe and gentle series of exercises to improve relaxation, flexibility, strength, range of motion, mental focus and breathing. Modifications for those with special needs will be offered. This entire class is done in a chair and there is no floor work.
Hot Dog Weights: Do you have lower extremity  joint pain & stiffness due to osteoarthritis? Using 1/2 lb. to 10 lb. weights, we will build up your leg strength, improve your balance & increase your self confidence while managing your arthritis.
Seated Cardio Drum Class & Strength: This class starts with a stretch, continue into drumming and shakers moving the body and having fun. This is a seated class, moving the body and just plain fun. This is great for people with walkers, canes or wheelchairs. All are welcome.
Stretch ‘N More: In this class you will learn a combination of health tips (arthritis and other), relaxation techniques and a majority of stretching exercises. You will work at your own pace to increase flexibility and reduce levels of pain and stiffness. This class can be done sitting in a chair or standing. *This class is endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

Easy Level Classes

Early Bird Stretch with Ball: In this class you will revitalize your body by stretching all of your major muscle groups. This class will help keep your back healthy with some stretches on the stability ball. This class gets on the floor, with the option of staying seated
Seated Zumba Toning: Zumba class from your chair. Burn calories and exercise muscles using toning sticks. Enjoy exercise done to Latin music.
Stretch-n-Balance: 15 min. of stretching in a chair with some cardio to move the legs. 10 min. of standing balance exercise.
Tai Chi: This is often described as “meditation in motion”. Combination slow, deliberate movements and mediation.

Moderate Level Classes

Senior Circuit: This class starts with a group warmup, then goes into stations of cardio, weights for strength and stepping (optional). Legs and abs will be in a group at the end with a cool down.
Drums Alive Combo:
In this class you will enjoy drums, cardio, and hand weights to help keep you strong. It is three classes in one: Silver Fun & Fit, Zumba Gold and Drums. *This class is endorsed by Silver & Fit.
Hatha Yoga 2: In this class you will work on relaxation, strength, balance and flexibility techniques with emphasis on proper body alignment and improved breathing. You should have prior yoga experience or be comfortable standing, sitting and getting up and down from the floor.
Line Dancing 1: In this class you will have moderate movements to keep your heart healthy and burn calories.
Senior Shape Up: In this class you will work on strengthening your muscles and enjoy some aerobic walking and dancing.
Silver FUN & Fit: In this class you will enjoy a variety of fun, low impact aerobics, light weights, tubes and balance.
Zumba Gold: This class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create an enjoyable cardio workout. No twisting.

Challenging Level Classes

Boot Camp Circuit: A rigorous full-body workout that gets our hear pumping and muscles moving. You will feel the burn.
Friday Fun Cardio: This is a non-stop 30 minute class with fun cardio, ending with standing abs.
Dumbbells & Weights: In this class you will challenge both muscular strength and muscular endurance by incorporating dumbbells (hand weights) and weights (with a bar) designed to work the major muscle groups.
Hatha Yoga 3: In this class you will improve your flexibility, strength, balance, while learning additional poses and stretches.
Line Dancing 2: For the crowd who has done more than a year of dancing and like it faster with ‘new moves’. Increase heart rates to target and burn calories.
Step 30/30 Combo with Weights & Bar: High energy step class with 25 minutes weight body sculpting with core exercise. A non-stop, fat burning class.
Zumba: This class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create an enjoyable cardiovascular workout. This class burns about 800 calories per hour while engaging the core, upper and lower body. (Music is loud!)