Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Drop Ins are available for all Exercise Classes and for the Fitness Room.

Exercise Classes
$32 for 8-week Session OR $4 Drop-in per class

Fitness Room
$2 per visit
*Free unlimited usage with accepted insurances

Fitness Class Schedule

Beginner Level Classes

Beginner Cardio & Strength: Variety of movement of marches, reaches and just moving the body while in your chair. Working
with weights that will keep you strong.
Mini Ball Work: This beginner level class focuses on full body movements while using a mini exercise ball. Hall of the class will be seated and half of the class will be standing.
Seated Cardio Drum Class & Strength: This class starts with a stretch, continue into drumming and shakers moving the body and having fun. This is a seated class, moving the body and just plain fun. This is great for people with walkers, canes or wheelchairs. All are welcome.

Easy Level Classes

Balance & Stretch: 15 min. of stretching in a chair with some cardio to move the legs, 10 min. of standing balance exercise.
Early Bird Stretch with Ball: In this class you will revitalize your body by stretching all of your major muscle groups. This class will help keep your back healthy with some stretches on the stability ball. This class gets on the floor, with the option of staying seated.

Moderate Level Classes

Active Senior Intermix Cardio & Strength: Combination of low and moderate moves mixed with strength training with hand weights or resistance tubes, ending with leg weights and abs. Big ball will be used in this class. Nice cool down at end.
Interval Cardio & Spin: This class is perfect for those who want to use the spin bikes in a fun way. You will alternate spinning, weights and rest. Great for building endurance and bone density.
Step & Sculpt: This moderate level class is performed while stepping up and down on a platform using basic steps, along with different cardio style moves off the platform.
Zumba Gold: This class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create an enjoyable cardio workout. No twisting.

Challenging Level Classes

Boot Camp: This class utilizes challenging bursts of cardio with 30 seconds of difference muscular conditioning with weights. Resistance bands may also be incorporated.
Cardio Circuit: Get a full body workout including cardio followed by legs, weights with arms and abs.
Dumbbells & Weights: In this class you will challenge both muscular strength and muscular endurance by incorporating
dumbbells (hand weights) and weights (with a bar) designed to work the major muscle groups.
Friday Fun Cardio: This is a non-stop 30 minute class with fun cardio, ending with standing abs.
Spin Class: 30 minutes of spinning. This class allows you to participate at your own pace, but will challenge you.
Zumba: This class combines Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create an enjoyable cardiovascular workout. This class
burns about 800 calories per hour while engaging the core, upper and lower body. (Music is loud!)