Oct 31, 2017

Urgent Need for AgeWell Services’ Meals on Wheels Volunteer Drivers in Holland

AgeWell Services’ runs the Meals on Wheels program for the Holland area and the rest of Ottawa County and is in urgent need of volunteer delivery drivers. 

One year ago, AgeWell Services was forced to cut back the number of days we deliver meals to homebound seniors in Holland, simply because there are not enough volunteer drivers. By not delivering meals each weekday, our Meals on Wheels recipients miss out on a safety check, which is so important to their wellbeing.

Last October, Helena, one of the many seniors receiving meals from us had fallen in her apartment with no one available to help. It wasn’t until her Meals on Wheels driver, Kim delivered her meal and noticed Helena wasn’t answering the door as usual. Kim immediately called for help, where they found Helena trapped under her recliner chair. 

“I owe my life to Meals on Wheels and Kim, my driver,” said Helena. “If it wasn’t for services like Meals on Wheels, I wouldn’t be here today. All of my family lives out of town, so I look forward to seeing and talking with Kim every day. She is like family to me”

For Kim, being a driver is so rewarding because of the interactions she has each day with the people she delivers meals to. “Delivering meals is something I look forward to each day---the participants are so happy to see me, have someone to talk to and to get their meal – it often is the highlight of their day and often I’m the only person they will talk to all day.”

We need your help! We rely on an army of volunteers, to deliver meals to our seniors. We typically deliver meals between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Can you volunteer a couple of hours to deliver meals? We are committed to finding more volunteers so that we can get back to delivering meals to people like Helena FIVE days a week, instead of three. However, we can’t deliver meals every weekday in Holland without more volunteers!

Delivering meals is easy – no experience necessary! All that is needed is a smile, a vehicle and a couple of hours of time. Together with your help we are hoping we can find the much needed volunteers to help us make sure that seniors in Ottawa County have a meal every day.

Additional questions about volunteering? Call Kara Zielinski, AgeWell Services Volunteer Specialist (231) 559-0476.


Since 1973, AgeWell Services has provided programs to address malnutrition and isolation for older adults. The Harbor Steel Meals on Wheels Kitchen at Tanglewood Park prepares and delivers 1,530 meals each day to seniors in Oceana, Muskegon and Ottawa counties. For more:

Contact: Heather Smith, Communications and Outreach Specialist, AgeWell Services of West Michigan, 231-733-8636.